~ Message : Why this, why now? ~

We are inviting you into the alchemical heart of Intentional Creativity®

What it is and how it works. How to use it to navigate the changing terrain of our lives. How to focus specific healing intentions. And how to curate consciousness using the tool of creativity coupled with metacognition: thinking about thinking.

This page tells you everything you need to know about our gathering and it may take some time to read, but will be enjoyable and informative for you to learn about Medicine Painting. Get a cup of tea, slow down and ponder it with me. And as you read, watch and muse on the material, and hold your own inquiry about what you are healing, gently but with focus. 

We will learn how to alchemize difficult parts of ourselves & stories into tools of transformation - wounds into wonders. Roar!

By working with the idea of the 'canvas' as your apothecary, you will create an expressionistic intuitive medicine painting - moving ideas and energies into physical domain. 

Little colorful bottles with elixirs with mysterious labels, hidden doors, 
ancient library books in a cosmic apothecary of your own making....
curves and lines...colors and shapes...textures and collage.

Why this, is because many of us need pathways to healing that are innovative, because we have already tried so many things! And because the state of our inner world and outer world are changing so much, we need tools to help us with resiliency. Why, just look at the news – we need to gather ourselves together and create magic! 

The ideas behind this work, are my deepest heart medicine. I am here to serve, and this is my ministry. I hope you will join us for our annual gathering of COSMIC BAD ASSERY!

Create a Medicine Painting 

An Apothecary is a place, receptacle, or a vessel where things are literally put away. Your canvas is the place this happens. Explore core stories in your personal mythos that are ready to be alchemized in 9 steps. Bring form to the feelings and change how it lives in you. We will use layers of glaze, color, symbols, equations, codes, stitches and ideas. You will experience expanded space...and play with paint!

The stored/trapped/stuck energy lives in our field. What if you could move it and liberate space for you to expand, breathe, explore? We will reduce the size the tragedies take up and make and mark remedies. Little colored bottles, secret books, hand written labels collaged, ribbons stitched in. Experience release...   

Ritual Marking to Move Energy

This is an intuitive alchemical painting process you can't get wrong. We work with the apothecary metaphor and actually make little drawers and bottles and medicines for what ails you and literally crafting your own remedy with your own creativity! No painting experience is needed. Experience something new... yet old.

Alchemizing New Pathways

Shift your current worldview 

We often see the world through the eyes of the tragedies and hardships we have experienced. What if it was possible to view it from an expanded framework? Where you are informed by, but not hindered by, who you have been so far. Self-discovering invites something truly fresh...Experience new access....


Your materials are ALL included. We will work on Canvas. If you have your own brushes, bring them. Wear a painting smock or clothing that you don't mind getting paint on. No experience needed, or talent with art.


Questions? Sarah@ShilohSophiaStudios.com

If you weren't carrying your story around like too much luggage... 

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

Describe Trip details

What would you create with the extra space and energy in your psyche? 

Warning Label

Engaging in this level of inquiry about the stories and wounds you hold can be intense. However, you are in a protected environment to process. We will have an opportunity to let go of some of the excess baggage you have been carrying. In the end, the entire experience will allow you to feel more free. Prepare for a shift and some potentially triggering depth diving. We wil be asking people to sign a waiver that they understand. 

Investment in the Intensive 


Painting with Shiloh Sophia Image making the invisible visible

Intentional Creativity is potent, practical, and powerful for shifting energy and stories. And for reducing and catalyzing suffering, and transforming it into something truly useful. Yes, we have the power to do that! Oh YA Whoop! 

However, trauma often lives in image-based story. Trying to change the story and how it lives within us, without working with image, often isn't getting the results we need. This is exactly what the process opens: taking the inside thought/idea and bringing it into the form based domain to make the experience visual. We think it. We create it. We witness it and are changed by it in our brains. It is so elemental, and basic, yet by understanding how it works, giving process and language to it, changes HOW we access it and work with it.

Our beautiful brains process how we ‘see’ and experience life. We work directly with what we know about how the brain processes and how to shift these patterns. 
If you wonder why the same stories keep showing up even after years of mental processing in your life and therapy, then perhaps it is time to try a new modality. 

The issues live in the field of energy and movie-story-memories in your mind and your tissues. We know this can be shifted and we know that you are your own healer and you are the only one that can shift them. We have tools to take you down that alchemical road to healing. You will experience new insights, innovation, and fresh mojo. Let's just notice how our thoughts impact our reality, with a paintbrush.

Even if you have already done a lot of story work, this will be unlike any experience you have ever had.


Through imaginative inquiry, we reduce and distill core story elements into a mythos that lives in a very curious cabinet. 
This cabinet is your very own cosmic apothecary. 
It is only to be opened by you, as you choose 
to heal what ails you within....

.:: SONOMA .:June 1.2.3:.2018::.

& Painting Experience  

A P O T H E C A R Y .:. Medicine Painting .:. An In-Person Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering  

M e d i c i n e * P a i n t i n g

 What hidden story longs for illumination?

The idea behind Medicine Painting is core technology within Intentional Creativity, practiced by thousands around the world.

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M e d i c i n e * P a i n t i n g

"Who lives in here? "

Sue Hoya Sellars

In 2017 for a year and a day, over 100 women embarked on a journey together called IMAGINE, 
a process based journey rooted in personal story and resilience by Shiloh Sophia and Jenafer Joy. 

Practice and Compassion 

93% - experience creativity as a mindfulness practice

89% - include creativity as a part of their spiritual practice

89% - feel a sense of connection with the Divine (as they define it)

86% - feel that their creative practice positively impacted those closest to them

92% - feel that creativity influences their compassion for themselves

90% - experience compassion for others near them through creativity

83% - experience compassion for others they did not know through stories they heard      

80% - would suggest the creative process to others who experience depression

Self Expression and Well Being

87% - consider themselves self-expressed as compared to before they were creating

86% - experience breakthroughs and aha’s during painting

77% - choose painting specifically to work through a chosen breakthrough

90% - experience a shift in their default thinking

88% - experience a shift in their personal story through creating with intention

89% - bring insights back into their life that they discovered while painting

85% - experience an expanded sense of self

79% - notice an ease of physical symptoms while creating

93% - experience creating as a relief/break that benefits their overall well being

90% - experience a shift in recurring emotional pain through creative process

90% - creativity helps them to maintain a healthy outlook on life

Let's Do This!

Shiloh McCloud is a fiercely committed warrior of the spirit. She and her work are illuminated, inspired and of the highest integrity. The Cosmic Cowgirls are revolutionary paradigm shifters and my work with Shiloh and The Cosmic Cowgirls has been immensely energizing, rewarding and awakening.
~ SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) 

The class was an incredibly transformative and informative encounter with Intentional Creativity. Through this powerful conversation with the alchemy of the quantum field, I was able to create a map of my work, The Healers Codex. Embedded in this painting is wisdom that transcends the personal ego and opens a portal to higher wisdom. This experience with Shiloh and the women she gathered was truly inspiring.
~ Dr. Mary McCrystal

A wild rebel, edge walker, and poet with a paintbrush, Shiloh Sophia has built a movement of intentional creativity around the premise that women sourcing an image of the divine feminine within is some of the most radical work that can be done. Her teachings bring women to the canvas to alchemize, potentize, and create the legends they want to live. Hers is a world that embraces contradiction. It is about living wide-awake with an open heart, steers away from demonizing and into designing- as in, intentional design.                                                                ~ Shannon Thompson, Founder, Shakti Rising

Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your inner most knowing. Since studying with her I have painted on a regular basis and much to my surprise my work has been exhibited purchased, understood and enjoyed by others. The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush.                      ~ Chief Luisah Teish, Author and Artist

Painting has opened up the access to my soul, and all that has been trapped underground is now rising.
~ Flora Aube

I can tell you that as someone who once studied art more formally, more academically, I learned more from you in a shorter period of time than I did in 5 years of college. I sometimes stand back and wonder whether I did Color of Woman training so I could teach or so I could paint, and I’m still not sure, still torn, still questioning, but I do know Color of Woman training and my work with you allowed my own style to deepen and change dramatically, in a way that is perceivable to the people who have been looking at my work all these years.                                                   ~ Emily K. Grieves 

Artists, Founders, Innovators who have worked with Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia, You are a torch in the darkness, lighting the path; and the darkness of the in between where the magic lives, beyond the fear that rises when we become lost. You are the beginning and the end, the sword of truth and the great mother’s loving embrace. 

– Shannon Thompson, Founder of Shakti Rising

Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. 

~ Chief Luisah Teish

AFRICA Korhogo Mud Cloth made by the Senufo people. The designs on the cloth will always represent a cherished ideal, favored celebration or gives honor to respected animals.

SCANDINAVIA Saami Shaman Frame Drum of the segmented VAriety. The symbols were determined by the shaman and used in shamanic healing rituals. 1700s CE


Marrapinti by Austraiian artist Naata Nungurrayi. Her work hints at sacred women's ceremonial sites, their dancing, and the designs on their bodies - Modern but based on ancient ideas

IRELAND The Book of Kells, 800 CE. This folio opens the gospel of St. John

RUSSIA Icon painting of Bobolubskaya Mother of God 1780 CE

SPAIN Painting of Seals. 

SOUTH AMERICA  Rock Art from MAtaral, Santaa Cruz, Bolivia Age Unknown

GREECE Black Figure VAse paintings of women, 620 to 480 BC

We have always been a painting people. 
A  search online of modern and ancient paintings with stories, journeys, symbols  and healing yields.... 

The Universe is within you.

Got that. 

But how do you get in?

INDIA Rock paintings, Two men under a tent, Bhimbetka, 12,000 to 5,000 BCE

FRANCE Lascaux Cave PAintings, paleolithic, 15,000-10,000 BC

AFGHANISTAN DEcorative plaque, Bergam, 1st century CE

ITALY Jesus Healing the Bleeding Woman, CAtacombs of MArcellinus and Peter, Rome, 304 CE

EGYPT Queen Nefertiti, 1300-1220, BCE

M e d i c i n e * P a i n t i n g 

is painting with an intent for healing & Illumination

Challenging times require extraordinary measures. 

How can processing stuck energy and fear actually be fun 

and put you in the flow state and provide some relief? We will show you. 

You don't have to be an artist to experience the benefits of this, 

you just have to show up with a big brush, a bold hand and be open to self-discovery.

Is this for you? Of course. Intentional Creativity informs everyone.

If you have been wanting to know what Intentional Creativity is really all about, this is it. 

If you are a seasoned creative working with Intentional Creativity, or an artist, 

this will be new territory but with familiar affirmation of what you have been 

experiencing with the expanded language codex of Medicine Painting.

Painting as medicine isn't new. From the indigenous art making around the world, to early modern Rome, to now, people have been painting as medicine, see more at the very bottom, wait for it... 

.::. Tragedies to Remedies .::. Transform your Wounds into Wonders .::.

Let's curate our own consciousness, if we don't, who will?

What stories will we tell about our lives and journeys?

What will future generations find about the stories we tell with our art?

Cueva de las Manos, Argentina, 13,000 to 9,000 years ago

TEXAS, Native AMerica, Archaic Period

Australia, Gwion Gwion (Tassel Bradshaw) figures wearing ornate costumes, 40 years old

These Prehistoric cave paintings from 12,000 years ago in Ennedi Plateau, Tschad in the Sahara Desert invite us to ponder who we are, and what stories we tell. Through exploring the art of ancient and not so ancient art, and how they are used to tell stories through symbol, we 'narrate' part of our healing journey through image, as text onto our bottles, books in our apothecary. Pictographs show us how to distill important information into condensed symbols...

Ancient Cosmic Cowgirls?

Retablo to the Virgin of Sorrows for Frida Kahlo, (Mexico).1940


SAINT HILDEGARD, GERMANY, Doctor of the Church 1098 – 1179

Shiloh Sophia + Mary MacDonald + Jenafer Joy (more soon)

June 1.2.3. FRIDAY. Saturday. Sunday

BONUS DAY*** Friday 

:: Shiloh Sophia's Teaching Painting art show :: 
The Alchemist's Brush and Hang out Available for you & guests

Cake & Refreshments :: Doors open 2pm :: Band starts at 6pm

Opening Circle for Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering is on Saturday

Saturday 11-6 

Sunday 11-6

Staff & hours Subject to some change 

We have payment plans available. This class is potent and worth the investment in time and resources well beyond what we are charging. You can plan to work on the painting in the following weeks – working with what was delivered in the class. If you can learn to move your own stuck energy, how valuable would that be? And at the end, have a super cool painting? 

Shiloh Sophia of the Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501 c3

Shiloh sophia  + cosmic cowgirls

~ Dear Cosmic Cowgirls ~

At the heart of Cosmic Cowgirls is the idea that we can TRANSFORM our lives into legends. 

Historically we have done this through community, stories and various versions of Intentional Creativity. This course, APOTHECARY is right at the intersection between Cosmic Cowgirls culture and the work of Sue Hoya Sellars, Caron McCloud Shiloh Sophia, Jenafer Joy and Stella Mac.

Our work this year as a community is called THRESHOLD and we are exploring life, death, 
birth, healing, transitions and the great mystery of our stories. This happens 
through our monthly calls guided by Tina Greene and Jennifer Bowers.

We have never had a painting focused gathering, and so we shall! 
A painting about healing and transformation of stories. 
Sound good?
It sure does to us. We hope you will consider joining us.

Space for June 2 and 3 is limited to 30 people, so register now to save your spot. 
On June 1 it is a bonus day open to the public, for Shiloh's birthday with a cake and band!

OUR 13th Annual Cosmic Cowgirls Gathering is a painting experience guided by our founder, Chief Laughing Cloud & Intentional Creativity Guild Members  


Pay in Full New MemberPayment Plan New MemberPay in Full MemberPayment Plan

Saturday & Sunday

Includes Materials

$695 for NEW Cosmic Cowgirls includes 
your $200 lifetime Membership fee.

$495 for CURRENT Cosmic 
Cowgirl Members

4 Payment Installment  plans available for both! Come on let's have a Summer Party!

Note: This is not a 'moneymaking' event rather we are attempting to cover expenses and staff this time - how about that?! 

Help us make it happen! Friday is a bonus 
day for Shiloh's Birthday and Art Show!

Meals are on your own. 
Bring a lunch or we will order sandwiches.

For the weekend painting process, girls 
can attend if they are mature – since the content is mature. The last two years we 
have had a girls focus included. 
Questions about this - just ask! 




IN 2017, the Intentional Creativity Foundation conducted research within our community and those of other intuitive artist circles. Here is what we found: