A call to cultivate peace within 

A call to healing the planet

A call to love filled action 

A call to prayer in a circle of women

A call to the Mother of All

A Day of Healing through Intentional Creativity 

with Artist & Poet Shiloh Sophia  

Join Us

We will work with acrylic on canvas, laying colors and water and earth. Painting with leaves and flower petals and blessing our canvas will be a part of the whole journey. 

Imagine your home with an image that literally holds the energy you put into it, as well as the quantum circle.    


The main "WHO" in this story is of course, the Bella Mama.
The name Bella Mama is beautiful Mother in Italian. I also love the poem by Alice Walker, We have a Beautiful Mother, speaking of earth herself. The energy the words conjure feel so sacred. For me it is the Blessed Mother. There are songs and stories from Africa and the Torres Straits with different word usages, some say it means, call Mama! This song is one of the most popular choir rounds taught! Here is a version of it to get you in the mood. Just close your eyes and tune in, imagining a calling for peace and justice. 

The other WHO:

The process will be guided by Shiloh Sophia who has been painting for over 25 years, but really all her life! The class will be supported by the Intentional Creativity Guild. 

Shiloh Sophia believes in healing through self expression and teaches painting worldwide. Learn more at 

Dear One's,

Based on the world events right now, especially regarding families who are at risk in so many ways, many of us are grieving heavily - and wondering - how could this happen and how could we allow this to happen? Often we feel hopeless, and some take action, like my dear friend and fellow artist Flora Aube who started Mother's Roar - Return the Children  as a Facebook group. 

We all process what is happening in different ways. But if we allow it to take us down, we aren't empowered to act. So in this class, Bella Mama, we will work together to establish a day of healing and a place of peace for your home through the image that you create. Resiliency in hard times takes practice and self care. We can't just march out and heal the world without tending our own home hearth - as we will exhaust ourselves and resources. This is an invitation to get strong, together. 

We will pray together, creating a quantum field. And those of us who choose will share our images widely in social media with messages that are dear to our hearts. A percentage of proceeds will go towards the projects connected to re-uniting children with their parents. There are lots of articles, here is one that has some of the basics. 

So when times get tough and I see my community struggling in anger and action, in despair and fury, in grief and dismay, I know we cannot be silenced and stopped. Yet I also feel the need for a nurturing experience. Today I woke up wanting to painting the Mother for comfort, and I thought, I am going to share this with my community. 

Preparation and Materials : 

We will provide more details as time draws near. For now you are welcome to gather your materials. 

A canvas larger than 16X20 and as big as you like. 24X36 or 30X40 is lovely. Acrylic paint, a rainbow of colors, plus white and black, and Golden liquid acrylics are our favorite. Spray bottle, pallete, paintbrushes. 

We will be inviting you to build an altar on the day of the class as well. Perhaps you are inspired to start one now?

The other WHO is you!
We hope you will join us for this special day of healing.

Together we can create patterns and practices for healing ourselves, one another and the world. We can't give up. We have to keep showing up.


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You will still receive ongoing access to the class videos through the end of November 2018.


The Cosmos (online).

All information you need will be kept on a class dashboard. 


A step by step process, guided every part of the way. Paint an Icon of the Beautiful Mother for you, an image of Peace and Transformation. A resonator that is coded with your love for our planet, our children, our earth tribes and your own sweet self. 

With Intentional Creativity weave your prayers and tears into the very fabric of creation and the canvas. This is a healing painting journey - all levels and beginners welcome. First time? This is a great place to start. 

About the Mother you will create: 

Your Bella Mama can be any color, shape or tradition that speaks to you. Shiloh Sophia will be working with the image of the Mother Mary as well as some of the feminine Wisdom scriptures from her own tradition. You make this your own as all versions of the Mother of All are welcome in this healing circle. Yours will be personal TO YOU, for you, from Her.

About the process:

We will be painting through specialized meditations, including mind and heart coherency practices. Our hope is to create peace within for the women participating so they are 'healed enough' and empowered to show up in the way they choose. Whether that is taking action on behalf of the world, her own family, or simply surviving her own depression. We will stretch, sing, paint, move, pray, and let ourselves feel the release and flow.

How Much: 

The tuition to attend is $88. You can also do a 4 part payment plan. If you wish to provide an anonymous scholarship for someone, please register for two and we will match you with an additional scholarship. That makes two. 

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To have your name added to the list for scholarship, email sarah@shilohsophiastudios.com.

An invitation to a day of healing to nurture yourself.

Class Tuition = $88 or 4 payments of $24

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You can also watch our recorded Group Completion Call


A Message from Shiloh Sophia

All of my life I have been dedicated to healing. To exploring and seeking out transformation. Creativity is one of the most potent tools for moving energy, story, and inviting a new view of ourselves and our world. 

Watch this video from Shiloh Sophia to learn what Bella Mama is all about.

Special Guest Lavender Grace, professional musician and performing artist, and Shiloh Sophia's dear friend since childhood, will be joining us for this experience. 
Learn more about Lavender