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Come spend the day with Shiloh Sophia
her Sonoma, California studio: MUSEA

Intentional Creativity + Cathartic Process + Catalytic Inquiry + Unconstrained Strokes + Movement = UNCOILING ::: DIVA X :::

Let's liberate the hidden and often stressful places you are 'wound up' or 'uptight' through movements combined with symbolism, sensuality and discovery. Organic personal painting strokes that carry the 'shape' of how you are feeling. Bringing it out into form so it can be transformed

Simone Oliver

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Mandisa Amber

Mandisa is a COW Graduate and will be teaching some light movement during our August class.

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with Shiloh Sophia 

Saturday, August 17th

Our theme is women and our relationship with our bodies, stress, sensuality, healing, playfulness, and movement. This is being offered in a curriculum called DIVA X that hundreds of women throughout the world have experienced online. This year is our first time sharing this process in person.

If you have been feeling trapped, wound up, up tight, ready to unravel...then join us for a cathartic journey to work with the energy of your own DIVA X.
Who is she? Only you know.


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A note about our special guests and Muse Day support team:

The painting class was delightful and inspiring. Having two different painting Priestesses, Shiloh and Elizabeth, at the head of the class, showing their special tips and techniques, was a great treat. Each woman and girl, young, old, experienced or not brought forth an amazing piece of art in that short amount of time.

Although there were great step by step instructions, I learned to let the process take me where it would, not trying to make my painting be anything in particular, giving me freedom to play and create as I choose. I let my 5 year old girl run unbounded and she had a fabulous time!

The day was overflowing with a lovely community of special women who shared special conversations and connections together.

I will be back to play again and look forward to getting to know each of you better as our connection unfolds. Thank you for bringing your dreams forward and sharing them with the women of the world and especially me. ~ SH

Last month I attended Shiloh Sophia's muse day (and had one of the best experiences of my life).  I am still wearing my red thread around my wrist.  Since that day every so often I feel a tingly sensation, vibration where the red thread is.  It's as if I'm receiving love.  

~ Marsha Mees, Attended Summer Muse Day July 29,2018

 I confess to being a little skeptical about some of the New Age methods of teaching art but my entire experience was so well worth the time and money what they have created at the cosmic cowgirls is interesting environment for a different kind of painting a painting I didn't even know I needed an unblocked and cleared emotions I hadn't realized I was carrying. 

 ~ EK

Intentional Creativity is more than just about painting, it is about using painting to help ourselves to feel better in our own bodies.

DIVA X is the metaphoric muse for our process, a hidden one within you that holds your personal beauty myth, and, will be the one to guide you to uncoil it.

Dear Ones, 

This class dreamed itself, and I listened, while visiting Florence in 2016, hanging out in the energy of Botticelli's Venus.

The name UNCOILING was given to me with images and brush strokes that are designed to 'unlock' and free stuck energy within us. As we go through just ordinary life, let alone stress filled jobs or relationships, we begin to coil, to turn in on ourselves, to wind up like a spring ready to jump. 

We have anxiety, paranoia, vertigo and systems running willy nilly to how they are supposed to or how they can. As a woman artist dedicated to researching healing it is not surprising this class should appear at this time, especially in combination with an exploration of age, beauty and sensuality. 

I'm excited to be teaching this in person and hope you'll join me as this class brings up such juicy and deep conversation!

I look forward to sharing what is revealed by DIVA X with you.

photo from DIVA X Class March 16,2019

Painting, playing, dancing and expressing your wild side.  

Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself, allow this day to be ALL about you!  

Light the end of your paintbrush with your creative fire! HOT!  

Paint your DIVA X - Canvas (24 x 48), acrylic paint, sharpies, & glitter provided.

BYOB - Bring your own brushes (or borrow ours) and smock.

Bring a lunch and snacks to share!

Bring a friend, drink coffee/tea and eat cake. 

About our Day Together...

You will create a symbolic painting of your DIVA X - the mysterious one within connected to your own beauty myth, and the one with the power to unwind the myths.

PLUS + I will tell my own story (of aging, beauty, being a 'big' girl and more to inspire and encourage you).

Learn powerful stress relieving process: UNCOILING. 

Discover a painting stroke using Intentional Creativity to 'unwind' stress within your story and in your body.

You don't need any experience in painting to enjoy this process. Just show up with some big brushes, a bold hand and a bigger heart. The more fresh you are the more surprised you will be! 

Bring a friend, drink coffee/tea and eat cake. Experience a Red Thread Circle, dance, use bright colors and smear thick paint.
RSVP August 17th

All Instruction + Materials are Included +  Coffee & Cake!

Class is from 11am - 6pm. 

Tuition = $295 or 2 payments of $149 


Intentional Creativity is a powerful tool for working directly with energy - and making the invisible, visible through bringing it into form. When we make a shape, for example, a shape with an intention to 'unwind' we are not just making that shape on the canvas but with our actual body AND energy field. This methodology works directly with stuck areas of your story and patterns to liberate hidden energy so it can be expressed and freed, and by your own choice, transformed. The 2 specific techniques I want to show you in Uncoiling DIVA X are:

1. Making an uncoiling series of strokes with an intent to liberate stuck energy 

2. Painting shapes to access ideas and language through active painting meditation.

About the DIVA X Process...

Experience Red Thread Circle, use bright colors and smear thick paint.

For Adult Women only ::: Contents are HOT!

I am inviting you to let your inner DIVA come out to play!


Muse Days - Diva X : March 16,2019

March 16, 2019 Diva X Class

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