The Gospel According to Her is an invitation to a gathering formed around an art show called The Sacred Invitation -- featuring Jesus, Mother Mary and the Magdalene.

Let's Gather Together

The Gospel According
To Her

This is a gathering for those who feel called to dive deeper into the teachings of Jesus as it relates directly to the women in His life, the life of women in the church, temple, society and by the byways, highways and watering holes of life. 

Join us for a sacred salon - rooted in the scripture, inspired by His words, actions, relationships and the reality of the systemic change He initiated regarding the status of women. Jesus took on the establishment views of women, broke the existing taboos and invited women into His ministry. Women were and are teachers of His messaage.

Our time together will be based in teachings within scripture, explorations of soul from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, red thread virtual circle and ritual and creating an image of the sacred feminine for our own altar. Let us gather together as we invite an ancient understanding in a new way into our hearts, fields and bodies. 

A sacred gathering to explore Jesus 
and the Women in His life in a
Virtual Painting and Poetry Class

Guided by  

"Wisdom is justified of all Her children." 
~ Jesus 

Jesus regularly addressed women in public, taught women, included women as students and friends, appeared to women, healed women, uplifted women and treated women equal to men. He broke many taboos of the time...and may have been considered an extreme advocate for women.

Jesus chose who He appeared to after the resurrection. He chose Mary Magdalene - and she was the first to share the living gospel with the men. Why aren't our daughters taught what this truly means for us? Note Mary's finger here, a mudra of teaching. 

This unbelief in Mary has to teach us ha been going on a long time... 

Shiloh Sophia is a life long seeker on the mystical Christian path.

She was challenged in her early years by the troubling treatment of women in the church and the lack of teachings regarding the Mother of God, Mary.  In her twenties she began to search the pages of scripture to discover what she could find out for herself. 

Was something missing? Surely Jesus was not against women? What she found would be something she would spend the next twenty years of her life exploring - not just the words of Jesus about women, but what they actually meant from a historical context. And what his words, actions and relationship with women mean for us today.

She brings her heart - as an artist, a poet, a teacher, a disciple and a woman - to sharing a portion of the good news for women,
which is often missing.

"I was, as we say in the US southern Bible Belt, "raised right" by the former Southern Presbyterian Church. One thing led to another, some of them miraculously, and I was, eventually, ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I am honored to have studied with the great and powerful leaders of my tradition. 

Then I met Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Her Intentional Creativity teachings explore everything from how to buy paint to the connections between religious history and art and, perhaps most importantly of all, an understanding of the Divine Feminine as a doorway to healing for women and girls who have experienced violence and abuse and limited choices in their lives. Her amazing grasp of quantum physics and neurophysiology gives her a unique perspective from which to welcome women of all faith traditions into a profound practice of healing. 

After 30 years as a minister and pastoral counselor, Shiloh has helped me find the key to the door I've been banging my head against for decades so that I can offer opportunities for deep healing to those who were created by Creator to create. 

And, with Shiloh, there is always much more to learn!"

The Reverend Dr. Susan L. Boardman, RN, MDiv, DMin,
 Intentional Creativity Teacher

"Shiloh Sophia is a teacher and friend who intentionally creates – and helps others create – a life directed by love, infused with joyful collaboration, shaped by wisdom and renewed in beauty. By her spirit, her art and her teaching about the dignity of women, she has added beauty – and a deep appreciation for the sacredness of beauty to my life."  

Reverend Ama Zenya
Minister at Woodside Village Church

"Shiloh Sophia is not just an awe-invoking painter of the Divine Feminine...she is someone who 'prays without ceasing' through her art, poetry, teachings, and example. I have never been in Shiloh's presence (this includes her online offerings) without feeling utterly inspired; she is a deep thinker and a caring communicator, someone who--as she puts it--is dedicated to putting love at the center of all her choices. I cannot fully convey the gratitude I have for being her student; my life has been enriched by her work immeasurably."

Reverend Maggie Oman Shannon, Senior Minister
Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco

Shares from Colleagues, Friends and Minister's about Shiloh Sophia as a Teacher of the Sacred

Shiloh Sophia teaching an Intentional Creativity class at Unity Spiritual Center in San Francisco during the 2017 Sonoma wildfires.

Jesus was a movement founder in opposition to dominant pardigm of the time. He was anti-oppression and righted the gender roles.

Scripture shows him breaking taboo after taboo. Some say this is the 'real' reason why the men sought to put him to death. They could not bear his relationship with women, and freedom and his message of loving one another above all else. 

A lot of this is 'hidden in plain sight' if one has the eyes to see. The Gospel according to her is that which is viewed through the eyes of the feminine, any feminine. The women of the ancients, or me and you.


In GOSPEL we will explore the intersection of many divergent topics and how they make a tapestry of connection. This class experience includes teachings, readings and a step by step painting process of the feminine for you.

My story of how my personal red thread connects to the women in red and my ministry. 

Explore the profound message hidden in plain sight about Mary Magdalene and Jesus. 

Learn what 'Wisdom' has to say in the books that were not included in the King James version of the Bible.

Hear from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in her own words when she was confronted by Peter.

Create your own heart meditation and poem prayer of connection to use after the class. 

Explore healing your division with the 'church' as you understand it by seperating the story from those who are telling the story.

Learn about Mother Mary's changing role in the church iconagraphy and biopower and why it matters today.

Paint your own image of the sacred feminine, for you, coded with symbols and language that speak to your heart.

$147 Pay in Full3 Pay of $50

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MATERIALS : 16X20 Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Brushes, Water Jar, Paper, Red Thread 

'Then Mary wept and said to Peter, "My brother Peter, what do you think? Do you think that I thought this up myself in my heart, or that I am lying about the Saviour?"'

 The Gospel According to Mary

$147 Pay in Full3 Pay of $50

Register and receive instant access to class videos.